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Image above: 432 Park Avenue real estate transaction executed by LevinCyphers

When you have a legal matter or question, you have four options:

  • Attempt to handle it alone.
  • Ignore it.
  • Hire the least expensive attorney you can find.
  • hire an experienced professional attorney to assist you.

Ignoring a legal problem is never the answer and will likely lead to even further problems in the future.

When you handle it alone or hire a cut-rate attorney you risk sacrificing experience, knowledge, and dedication to save a few dollars and in the end, your cost may be higher than you thought if that lack of experience leads to losing.

When you hire the attorneys at LevinCyphers you are hiring over sixty years of legal experience that has been applied in a number of jurisdictions. You are hiring attorneys that will speak to you, not speak down to you and will make sure that you understand what is happening. You are hiring attorneys who will answer your questions and who are accessible.

When you hire the attorneys at LevinCyphers you are hiring attorneys who are willing to fight to ensure that your legal rights are protected. We can help!

We have been clients of LevinCyphers for almost 10 years. As a small business owner, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a lawyer like Harry Levin as your counsel.

He has such a broad experience representing companies large and small. Issues pop up all the time and it is a comfort to have this resource just a call or email away.

He is uncommonly sensitive to the challenges, including financial, a small business must face. He has always provided common sense solutions to what at first seems like insurmountable problems.

I recommend him and his Firm without reservation. You just can’t go wrong with LevinCyphers as your lawyer.

Jill Houston, CEO

It is with the greatest pleasure that I write about Mr. Harry Levin and his law Firm, LevinCyphers.

I was referred to Mr. Levin by a nationally recognized civil rights organization to handle a very important and very complex case involving our son. LevinCyphers is representing us in federal court in a matter against a large municipality. We could not be happier with his representation, his insight and his overall sensitivity to the rights of school children, especially those of color.

He is always prepared and has been successful in each and every step of the way, we could not ask for more.

If you need a lawyer, you could not do better than to hire Mr. Levin

Reverend Daryll George,

My name is John Sevastakis and LevinCyphers are my lawyers. For many years I have served as a Councilman for Toms River and in that capacity I have come to know many fine lawyers and I can say Mr. Levin is a cut above. In fact when I needed the services of a lawyer, he was my go to. He has been a lawyer for almost 35 years and during that time he has represented some of New Jersey’s largest companies and prominent citizens, not to mention the Governor.

Harry is more like on the old fashion lawyer who is adept both in a courtroom and also around the negotiating table. His interpersonal skills are superb and they are so helpful in resolving conflicts. The experience he has is in so many areas that when faced with a complex, multi-faceted problem he can think through the problem and offer his client solutions not hurdles.

It does not matter whether he is speaking to other lawyers or to a CEO or to an individual, he makes them feel comfortable and in good hands.

John Sevastakis,

LevinCyphers represented me and my Company for over 20 years. During that time they managed every legal issue with skill and integrity. In a commercial real estate business as we are in, the issues are often complex and require a great deal of experience and insight.

Whether it be a litigation or a zoning issue or a corporate matter, Harry and Colleen have been there for me and have successfully resolved all of our concerns.

I offer my unconditional recommendation, they are far and away better than all other lawyers I’ve known.

Philip Garfinkel, CEO Syndale Corporation

Harry Levin and his Firm have represented me and my companies for more than 2 decades. As one of the largest dental health care providers in the state of New Jersey we are faced with legal challenges all the time and we feel completely comfortable with LevinCyphers as our lawyers. Unlike other lawyers we’ve retained there is never an unreturned telephone call or an unanswered question.

We look to Harry and his Firm for matters of all description, human resources, regulatory compliance, corporate operations, contract drafting and enforcement, you name it.

I am certain that anyone who retains the services of LevinCyphers will be completely satisfied.

Dr. Clifford G. Lisman,
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