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Commercial Litigation - Toms River, Red Bank, New York Attorneys At Law LevinCyphers

The attorneys at LevinCyphers aggressively pursue the expansive and divergent needs of our business clients. LevinCyphers is led by assertive veteran attorneys who possess many years of expertise and a multidiscipline approach to litigation. In addition to engaging in general and complex commercial litigation, we have substantial administrative and court experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Litigation, Contract Law, Construction Litigation, Consumer Fraud and Restrictive Covenant Disputes.

In addition to our extensive trial practice, LevinCyphers has had a particularly successful appellate practice before various intermediate appellate courts and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Our litigation attorneys also have substantial experience in conducting arbitration proceedings, including arbitration of construction matters and other disputes.

Levin Cyphers is comprised of attorneys experienced in litigation at all levels of the federal and state judicial system as well as in arbitration, mediation and administrative proceedings, thereby providing considerable depth of experience and resources. We are equipped to meet the needs of the larger business community as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Our general approach to litigation is to always aggressively protect the client’s overall interests. However, there are occasions when it may make better business sense to settle a claim than run the risk of adverse publicity that could result from a public trial. Conversely, there are times when it makes better business sense to defend a small claim to avoid setting a precedent and inviting additional claims.

Each case is carefully considered on its particular merits by our team of attorneys. The resulting advice reflects our considerable experience in the field of litigation.

The attorneys at LevinCyphers will aggressively represent you in all aspects of litigation while maintaining focus on your ultimate business goals.


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