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Securing your trademark or copyright and the ownership of intellectual property brings with it a number of needs. You must ensure that the trademark or copyright is properly filed for and secured and that it does not infringe on an existing intellectual property right. You may need to negotiate licenses, assignments of intellectual property to outside companies, franchising agreements and other contractual arrangements. The law firm of LevinCyphers can assist you at any stage of the process when it comes to intellectual property. Our lawyers have experience securing and protecting our client’s intellectual property rights and we can put that experience to work for you. Our firm is dedicated to protecting our client’s rights.

When you create a trademark or copyright meant to make you a recognized name or product don’t you want to ensure that your rights are protected and that your intellectual property is not stolen or misused? By hiring an experienced attorney you can ensure that you are protected. We can also help you defend yourself if you are accused of infringing on another trademark or copyright.


The attorneys at LevinCyphers can assist you in registering, enforcing and protecting your trademark. After all you’ve developed this mark to make you stand out, don’t you want to hire experienced attorneys to ensure it is not used without your consent. A trademark is a logo or name that is used to identify the source of goods or services, and to help that source stand out. When you see a trademark, you know who the company is and what they will provide. Before you select your trademark however you need to ensure that no one else is using something similar. The attorneys at LevinCyphers can assist you with this process. If the proposed trademark is cleared, we can then help you secure that trademark to safeguard your rights.


Copyright protection extends to any original work that is reduced to a physical format, books, songs, pictures and computer software are but a few examples of items that can be copyrighted. When you write a book, paint a painting or take a photograph, you own the rights to that item at its creation and if it is used without your consent your copyright has been violated. While these types of items receive protection upon creation, registering them can add an extra layer of protection and help you prove, if necessary later on, that you are the rightful owner. The attorneys at LevinCyphers can assist you in registering and protecting your copyright as well as in drafting copyright releases and print release if you wish to share your work while maintaining control over the use and extend of publication.


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