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When someone’s negligence has caused personal injury or death to others, there is an obligation, recognized by the law, to compensate the victims. Whether you are hurt in a fall or an automobile accident, at a construction site, by a defectively made or designed product, or by a dog bite or other dangerous condition, the attorneys at LevinCyphers help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured at work or if you were hurt by the negligence of a doctor or dentist or any other professional, you need a professional personal injury Attorney, we will pursue your best interests vigorously.

Whether we settle your case or take it to trial, investigating the circumstances and identifying all the parties who contributed to your injury or disease requires knowledge, skill and diligence from your attorney. Personal injury litigation is often complex, labor intensive and costly. LevinCyphers dedicates the resources necessary to complete the research and prepare the case to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

Personal injury clients are often concerned about paying for legal fees. In personal injury cases, the legal fees are contingent upon the receipt of a monetary award. That means the attorney receives an agreed percentage of the award, approved by the State Supreme Court, only when the award is paid. The schedule was adopted to give everyone, regardless of financial means, full access to the justice system. No legal fee is charged to you until we obtain money for you.

While representing a client, our lawyers are always attentive to the client’s situation and his or her needs to know and to understand what is happening with the case. We have developed a highly effective approach to protect those who have been injured by a dog bite or other animal. If you’ve been hurt, LevinCyphers is the firm for you.

The attorneys at LevinCyphers will aggressively represent your interests to ensure you obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.


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